Benefits of using a WordPress Gutenberg theme

Benefits of using a WordPress Gutenberg theme

02 April 2019

Gutenberg has been around for a while now and most of us have come to the realization that it’s here to stay. With that realization, came the huge influx of WordPress Gutenberg themes and Gutenberg blocks. If you have been peeking around the WordPress centric sites recently, you will clearly see that everyone out there is trying to explore Gutenberg. Some are satisfied while some are not. 
So as a WordPress user, where does that leave you?
Don’t worry! Today we’ve compiled a complete checklist on why (and if) you should use a Gutenberg supported WordPress theme.

7 compelling benefits of using a WordPress Gutenberg theme

Gutenberg is robust and has plenty of functionalities inside. Out of so many striking benefits, we’ve curated 7 compelling usefulness of a WordPress Gutenberg theme.

1. Blocks are the future of WordPress

2. Built-in blocks

3. Ease of use for non-developers

4. Visual editing

5. Styling options

6. Full width alignment

7. Reusable blocks

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